Another Family History Adventure Commences!

Hello World is the default post for many blogs, and I like it, so I am going to use it too.

I had thought for a long time about doing a blog because I have so much fun doing family history.  It is definitely one adventure after another.  I had a friend once tell me I should write a book about these adventures.  Who knows maybe one day I will.

I have been doing family history research since I was about 12 years old.  My interest started long before the research began.  You see I spent much time with my grandmother.  She did not talk very much about herself, but as a child I was always curious about what life was like growing up on a farm in Eastern Ontario.  She did indulge me on the rare occasion with a story.  She is the reason why I started to do family history research.   So this very first blog posting is dedicated to my grandmother, and I think that she smiles down upon me as I discover her life through records from the past.

It is only with time that I have discovered perhaps why my grandmother did not talk much about her life.  Like so many people, she experienced a tremendous amount of heartache at a very young age, and these experiences drew  me in closer to see what I could uncover, and explain about her life.

Margaret Agnes Moore was born in Chesterville, Ontario in 1899.  Her mother Annie Martin passed away when Margaret was 6 months old.  Margaret had a brother, John Edward Moore, born in 1896.  John Edward Moore joined the CEF during WW1 in Brockville, Ontario, and John died shortly after his return to Canada.

Margaret married my grandfather, Michael Patrick Corrigan, in 1926 at St. Brigid’s Parish, and together they had 7 children, of which only 5 survived to adulthood.  Margaret’s husband Michael died in 1955, and Margaret lived to be 97 years old (just a few months shy of her 98th birthday).

Margaret was an amazing person, you would never think that such a wonderful lady would have such difficult trials.  She was the type of person that was happy, gentle, and generous to everyone.

Margaret Agnes Moore Margaret Agnes Moore and John Edward Moore

I have to admit that for myself, I have found these  family history adventures to be quite therapeutic, and I hope you enjoy them too!  Please, come along and join me….until next time happy researching!



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